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Socializer Messenger, WhatsApp Samsung

Samsung has been that instant messaging is a key in the world of mobile communications point, it seems that never tires of trying to succeed in this field. After the launch, and subsequent closing of ChatON, now he dares to Socializer Messenger, a kind of...

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Interesting, useful and curious Websites September

He selection of interesting, useful and curious sites of this September is mainly focused on leisure. What can we do against the computer screen, the tablet or smartphone? We propose several ideas including alternative stroll through a planet Earth in the Lego universe, discover new...

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The business of stealing a neighbor WiFi

The ads are stacked in traffic lights, bus shelters and street lights of big cities, also on the Internet and even on social networks. They promise free WiFi in exchange for 30 euros, an illegal service also dangerous consequence for victims. It is the business...

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Find medication that can eradicate the AIDS virus

A group of scientists led by Medical Research Institute Sanford Burnham Prebys (SBP for its acronym in English) of California (USA) have discovered a drug that has the ability to eliminate the AIDS virus when it is dormant in the patient’s body. Advances in therapy...

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