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Google Street View in virtual reality

The company releases an update for users with virtual reality goggles to see 360 ° panoramic images anywhere in the world from home. Google has just announced the release of an update to its mobile app Street View may even revolutionize tourism. Now, users with...

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3D printed prosthetic help regenerate nerves

Researchers at the University of Minnesota, Virginia Tech, the University of Maryland, the University of Princeton and Johns Hopkins University, has designed 3D printed prosthesis that guide to regenerate sensory and motor nerve functions after They are having suffered an injury. Naturally, the repair of...

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Konami stops producing all AAA games, except PES

Konami, one of the companies mythical video game industry is at its lowest ebb. His problems began earlier this year with the launch of the company’s Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear, and the dissolution of his studio, Kojima Productions. A questionable strategic decisions and...

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Robots Volvo garbage collected from 2016

The advances in robotics enable robots to perform all sorts of tasks flawlessly, demonstrating that the performance of most of them are far more efficient than humans, and with the added value of the work they do You are entrusted without making any complaint or...

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