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6 Ways to improve your WiFi

Although often seems impossible, there are ways to improve the WiFi connection, either homemade solutions or investing in some infrastructure. How annoying it is to move the computer to a new room in the house to suddenly see that “does not arrive although the WiFi”....

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The fastest Intel chips in supercomputers in 2016 will

Next year Intel will launch its new chips for super computers, which offer a significantly higher than previous performance. The world of processors does not stop its evolution, each year new models appear, factories adjust their manufacturing processes, changing architectures and as a result, smartphones,...

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What is a VPN and why you should use it?

We explain what is a Virtual Private Network or VPN, and how does mask your traffic to give access to sites blocked by geographic region. Unfortunately Internet users still experience crashes region for some content, like movies, series, music, and sometimes certain videos hosted on...

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Technologies that will be the core business for 2016

In the business sector, innovation will be essential for success. Consumers are increasingly easy to buy through channels and websites that facilitate decision-making and purchasing. Many of the companies have not really adapted to this reality because of the weight he still has on the...

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Why Consider DSP Online Advertising?


DSP stands for demand-side platform. It is a system that facilitates the purchase and management of multiple ad exchange accounts through a single interface. It is through this interface that real-time bidding occurs. Marketers are able to manage their bids and the prices they are...

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The new mobile technologies 2016

In order to make more and more intuitive mobile is one of the main objectives of handset manufacturers, which is why more and more new technologies are added to these devices, which have become indispensable in our lives. In Weplan we are always aware of...

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