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Konami stops producing all AAA games, except PES

Konami, one of the companies mythical video game industry is at its lowest ebb. His problems began earlier this year with the launch of the company’s Hideo Kojima, creator of Metal Gear, and the dissolution of his studio, Kojima Productions. A questionable strategic decisions and...

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Minecraft and other difficult to explain successes

Imagine the conversation Markus Persson, illustrious creator of Minecraft, had with colleagues in a dive either six years ago: “Guys, I’m finishing a game that will be the bomb.” “Great! Tell us, Markus, man. Well, this is a character composed of twenty cubes very pixelated...

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Nerdy Study Aid: Periodic Table of Controllers

With the recent boom of video games and kids wanting to spend money on extra peripherals, like the Wii Fit, the Madcatz SE (read: POS) fightstick and enough Rock Band instruments to fill the GWAR roster, I thought I’d school some kids with a hilarious...

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Sega’s Virtual-On Set for Re-release on XBLA

The popular Sega arcade mech fighter series is finally set to release on current-gen consoles in the form of an Xbox Live Arcade re-lease of the arcade/Dreamcast hit, Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram. The last game in the series, Virtual-On Marz, was released on the...

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Street Fighter: Akuma (Gouki), Gouken, and Ryu

Ever have some questions about their relationships?  Ever wonder what happened before Street Fighter 2?  Well, there’s a pretty cool movie about it all.  As with any of the Street Fighter non-game media, you really have to take them at face value.  Even a lotta...

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