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Street Fighter: Akuma (Gouki), Gouken, and Ryu | media spec blog

Ever have some questions about their relationships?  Ever wonder what happened before Street Fighter 2?  Well, there’s a pretty cool movie about it all.  As with any of the Street Fighter non-game media, you really have to take them at face value.  Even a lotta the game continuity is rather confusing, but it’s a fighter, it’s not meant for that.

Sadly, this movie has some weird stuff in it that I don’t want to spoil for you, but lets just say that there’s a character in it, an important character, that never appears before, again, or is mentioned…  To my knowledge.

Dan is still silly, Sakura is still a fan-girl of Ryu, while Akuma is still a demon, Chun Li is still a hearthrob, but Ryu is still emo and, thankfully, Ken still steals the show.  With his big ass feet.

It does explain ‘The Dark Hadou” fairly well, but since this is Alpha (in between SF and SF2) it’s not as prominent as we would like it to be…  It’s worth the watch, though, so is Street Fighter Alpha Generations, which is all about Akuma vs. Gouken and Ryu vs. Akuma, simply put, it’s a short OVA dedicated to some important stuff.

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