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Discovered vulnerability in iPhone iOS solves only 9
It has been a security researcher, Mark Dowd, who has revealed the existence of a vulnerability iPhone is solved only with iOS in September, as well as in the new version of the operating system Mac OS X 10.11 Captain.

This exploit works through Airdrop, known exchange service that is integrated by default on Apple devices. It is dangerous because the creators of vulnerability can come to gain control of the device.

It works through the installation of an external application and can be easily detected because the phone restarts after receiving the installable file through Airdrop.

The vulnerability only addresses iPhone with IOS 9 is a type of malware you get access to Apple’s tool for managing iOS home screen, Springboard, through which the terminal would get fooled for rights with which all data access terminal.

But not only about getting access to user files such as photos or videos, but also be able to modify internal files would get the iPhone (or the computer itself) to stop working.

Apple itself has decided to respond to this attack and has already reported that Airdrop is being reconfigured to prevent this exploit, but users must download and install the new version of the operating system for the update to avoid completely the vulnerability of the iPhone it is only solved with IOS September.

From here we recommend that you use this system to share files carefully for the moment, since even the exact number is unknown devices affected by this new and distinctive exploit.

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