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They invent a robot that always beats scissors paper stone
It is the latest version of a famous Japanese robot, and is known not only by confronting the world’s best players Scissors Paper Stone, but by what we have seen, you can always beat them. ¿ Can you imagine how he manages to always win Scissors Paper Stone? For cheating.

What it does is use a system to incredibly sophisticated traps, which makes us think about the great potential of the interfaces that connect humans and machines. We told you how it works: first, observe very closely and uses specialized software to detect how we are taking the hand (even before doing so).

The position of the wrist, shoulder movement, everything counts for this cheat robot. The strategy delayed and confused this software made Garara 0.02 seconds later. Basically what it does is wait to see what the movement of his opponent, and then respond so fast that it seems he is doing at a time.

The robot has three fingers: two extended is Scissors, Paper three extended it, and none is extended Piedra.

Its creators have called Janken, the robot always wins the Rock Paper Scissors. And apparently, this is not just a game: the software is learning a lot about human behavior patterns. Experts have found that by learning the patterns that develop, the robot has been able to develop a significant advantage over its human competitors.

So yes, he is learning to exploit the weaknesses of its organizational competence, and although so far I could not do more than raise a couple of fingers, such parendizaje (how to beat humans) is not particularly tranqulizador. Hopefully not pass rock paper scissors to win.

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