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Smart watches seek the lost time

The design takes the pulse of the ‘smartwatches’ trying to approach the traditional concept of these devices. “If most have been rounded life SmartWatch why would not it be?”. The question makes Luis de la Pena, marketing director of Samsung Telecommunications Spain. The South Korean...

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Microsoft launches its first portable

The company also updated its line of mobile Lumia and Surface Pro Tablet. Microsoft continues to expand into the gourmet market of electronic devices. The company announced at an event in New York, its first laptop, as well as an update to its line of...

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Use your Android as a gaming platform

1. 100% compatible Games 2. Install GLTools 3. Set the emulation GPU 4. Get enough space 1: 100% compatible Games Not all devices have the graphics power of the latest handsets that have gone on sale, and its GPUs are compatible with all games in...

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Alternate Ways to Contact Sky

Frustrated Caller

If you are struggling to get into contact with Sky and you have an issue that needs resolving, then try http://www.skycontactnumber.com. This site hosts a number that can put you through to a member of the sky team much faster and easier than having to...

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