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Frustrated Caller

If you are struggling to get into contact with Sky and you have an issue that needs resolving, then try This site hosts a number that can put you through to a member of the sky team much faster and easier than having to look around for the official sky contact number

It’s also relatively cheap, considering it is a 0844 number, at only 7 pence per minute. You will be put through to the right department much faster than if you call using an alternative number. With this number you can be put through to Sky TV, Sky Broadband, and Sky Home Phone and NOW TV customer services department.

There are plenty of different companies that offer a similar service, however these companies will hit you with many hidden charges and usually have a premium rate phone line that will send your phone bills sky high. You shouldn’t have to pay an extortionate amount to chat to someone about your Sky or Now TV package quickly.

This option is the only direct telephone number for sky currently in the UK. That means you won’t have to listen to any automated messages and you will be put through to an actual person!

If you ring via sky, you will have to listen to these messages and go through the horrible maze of press 2 to do this, or 5 to do that, it can get confusing and also frustrating if you are in a hurry!

Why automated calls are frustrating

If you have ever had to ring up any company, you will no doubt be familiar with the automated call and messages. If you are in a hurry, or are frustrated when you pick up the phone, this only makes things worse. You may not be sure which category your call falls into as the option given at the beginning can either be really vague, or so specific that none of the options are what you want. You may end up choosing the wrong option, only to be put on hold for a long time, or worse yet; you may get through to someone who cannot help you after you have been on the phone for longer than necessary.

It is also a negative thing for the poor person on the end of the phone line when you finally get through to someone. By then your patience may have just about gone and you are in no mood to chat. It might even be that you’ve been waiting that long, that you have forgotten the purpose of the call!

To top that off, the endless music on loop could drive any normal person insane! This is a trick companies use to make it seem like time is going faster. It often works, but sometimes the music can be irritating and can make you feel like time is dragging on, inspiring the opposite effect.

If you have dealt with the horror of automated calls then using a direct line will be a great way to ease the stress of any calls you need to make!

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