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Sell ​​what you no longer need from the eBay app
Selling on the Internet and what need not be a good way to recover some of the money you spent to buy it and use it to buy other things that possibly yes you would be more useful.

Put an item for sale on eBay is simple, but with the new version of the eBay app for mobile devices, doing so is a breeze.

The first step to putting a product for sale on eBay is to create an ad in which you will describe what you sell, what it is their status, price, etc.

Top Tips for Buying on eBay

We will use the eBay app installed on an iPad, but the procedure and options are the same whether you do it from the eBay app installed on a smartphone or tablet Android or iPhone .

Starting the app starts eBay and click on Sell you’ll find at the top of the screen. That way, you’ll have access to the sales section of the app from which you can control and monitor the status of all the products you have for sale

From here you can create the first advertisement for what you want to sell.

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