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On the International Day of the Post, a study reveals that four out of five users delete an email if they do not read well from your mobile or tablet.

Friday the International Post Day is celebrated to commemorate the founding in 1874 of the University Postal Union (UPU) in Bern (Switzerland). For this reason, the company Acens cloud hosting services has produced a report which reveals that symbols in the email subject 25% improvement in the ratio of starting a newsletter.

Furthermore, according to the study, by 2016 one in two will open emails from a mobile device. Companies should think of it as the report warns that four out of five users delete mail without reading the text well from the device with which you are interacting.

The email marketing is one of the tools used by companies today to attract customers and retain those already signed because of its low cost and high impact in the receivers. So it does not become a nightmare for customers, companies “must know what and how to send newsletters” explained from Acens.

One of the criteria is to determine the objective, that is, if the company wants to attract attention, generate traffic to your website or monetize any offer. Another of the recommendations is Acens provides care for the content as a “emailing with a high aperture rate does not have to have a great CTR, and vice versa,” says the company.

They also advise not to abuse the Bcc (blind carbon copy) as recipients get emptied them ‘To’ field, so you know that the same email sent to many other people. “It’s better to use email marketing tool for mass mailings and this problem is avoided,” says the company.

On the other hand, recommend monitoring the size of the mail, innovate the content, not always send e-mailings at the same time, and use analytical and data in real time , and that given the myriad of variables to develop and distribute a newsletter, the analysis tools are “vital” to learn how to interact better receivers and plan the next shipments.

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