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Use your Android as a gaming platform

  • 1. 100% compatible Games
  • 2. Install GLTools
  • 3. Set the emulation GPU
  • 4. Get enough space

1: 100% compatible Games

Not all devices have the graphics power of the latest handsets that have gone on sale, and its GPUs are compatible with all games in Google Play. For this reason, it is vital to optimize the graphics performance of your Android and fool the system into believing that the GPU of your smartphone is compatible with the game. Following our advice you can run on your terminal some games that, so far, were unthinkable for him.

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To accomplish this, install the latest version of the app GLTools to find Google Play (€ 2.95), or previous versions that have been released and you can download from the developer forum XDA Developers.

With this app, you get to emulate the behavior of other graphics chips, optimizing performance for games run smoother and better support them.

2: Install GLTools

After the first start, the installer GLTools shown.

Tap on TEX (DE) coder and mark the three boxes at the bottom of the screen to accept the installation of GLTools . Then tap on Install to start the installation.

This process will modify some system parameters, so you have to accept permits root access.

After that, the installation is done and, when finished, your device will automatically restart.

3: Sets the emulation GPU

After the restart, restarts GLTools and a list of the app you have installed will be displayed. Look for one of your games and tap on it to configure its graphic behavior.

Enable the option Enable Custom Settings for this app for you to apply graphical changes’ll set.

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If you wish, you can also activate the option Optimize GLSL shaders to improve graphics quality.

Then tap on the option Use a template and choose a compatible GPU with the game.

GLTools will emulate for the game to run smoothly. After enable options Use fake info GPU and CPU Use fake info.

4: Get enough space

Another major trouble enjoying Android as a gaming platform is the space occupied by the data. This is especially noticeable on older or low-end devices with limited storage capacity.

Luckily, most of these devices have microSD card slots, which opens the door for accommodating the huge amount of data need to install some games.

To get moving all data from the internal memory of your Android to the microSD card, use the app GL to SD available in Google Play.

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In principle, this app was created just for moving data from Gameloft games, but also can move data from many other games, whether or not that developer.

Its use is very simple. After installing the app, Middle Initial and displays a list of the apps or games which data can be moved to the microSD card. It is sufficient to make any of the games you have installed on your device and touch the button Move to start the data transfer.

To play the game, you access GLtoSD and its icon appears there.

Click on it and start. If you start it from its official icon, it will download the data.

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