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5 essential apps for architects
The world of mobile applications is constantly expanding and movement. Although not the most downloaded have, some of them are designed to improve the productivity of organizations, companies and freelancers.

In this sense, today we talk of 5 applications intended and designed to make life easier for architects.

Thanks to mobile technology, can turn your tablet or smartphone on a sheet of sketches, a verifier or catalog price of building materials.

ASEMAS price-checker

ASEMAS, Mutual Insurance and Reinsurance Fixed Premium, it offers a free application for your Mutual called “Checker ASEMAS” that allows the estimate of the construction cost of new construction and renovation from mobile devices in order to facilitate the declaration of variable premium ( DRO / DRS) in ASEMAS.

With this app you can, from basic data to estimate the cost of construction required to declare the DRO / DRS. It is a tool for smart phones and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), both iOS and Android environments , being a support system, even on site, which aims to facilitate a rapid assessment with little data.

Thanks to geo location, you can display the location of a construction in Google Maps. Also it creates a new estimate from an existing in the historic.

5 essential apps for architects
NG Structures

This app comes directly from “big numbers in the project structures “, the technical construction bestselling book in Spanish.

A big number is a simple calculation method with which we can get an order of magnitude.

A big number is a strategy to get a pre-dimensioning, an order of magnitude, fast and accurate a structural problem.

The application can help us make a quick decision, quickly (and always on the side of safety) a structural element using much less data (and time) that if a more complex system of calculation were used.

Magic Plan

This application can be useful for both architects and interior designers. MagicPlan measure your room and draw your plan just by taking pictures. Just add objects, annotations, and attributes to create a map inside.

Taking photographs from the corners of a room, this application generates plans with almost exact measurements in PDF, DXF, JPG and HTML formats without the need to measure and draw.

Sun Seeker

A good architectural design should consider the sun to its design and location. With this mobile application, architects can get an idea of the spatial variability of the solar angle throughout the year. Sun Seeker, we show the solar path, one hour intervals, as well as sunrise and sunset.


This mobile application that functions as an augmented reality tool allows you to submit projects to customers in a more creative and attractive way.

This tool allows you to display your project in detail as if you were presented with a virtual model where you can go and show focusing on different aspects details more accurately, without being pigeonholed to a particular scale.

In order to take advantage of this application, all you have to have is your project in a 3D format.

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