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5 essential tips for designing your App icon
Have you created a strategy of monetization for your app but have not achieved the expected results? The design icon for your app may be the cause of it, a bad choice of colors and shapes can make your application to be dismissed from a first time.

If you will not go wrong, pay attention to these 5 tips to design your App icon.

1. Use only a symbol or shape

Design an icon that is easily recognizable from the list of applications in the App Store and the Home screen users. Here are several examples.

2. Make it easy

Avoid using lots of colors or images in your application icon. The best designs focus on a single item or concept, rather than try to convey all the features of the App in a small icon. If someone has to squint to make out the details of your icon, you’re not achieving your goal.

The only exception to this rule is in the category of games. Many successful applications include graphics and cartoons on their icons to display some of the salient features of the game. But even if you’re designing an icon for an application of games, try to make it as simple as possible.

5 essential tips for designing your App icon
3. Do not include words

Long words are hard to read in such a small space. Instead, choose to use only the first letter of your company or brand, as they have done with these applications.

4. Choose vibrant colors

The use of vibrant colors will help your application stand out in the App Store and also between other apps that the user has already installed on your smartphone.

Think very well the color you use, the blue is the most common favorite color, and most companies know. However, if you opt for this color, you risk that your app does not stand out among the competition.

5. Try different versions

Try different variations in the design of your icon before finalizing and submitting your application to the App Store. You can use tools such as Five Second tests or Pickfu to get feedback from users and make changes if necessary.

Make sure you take the right decision, otherwise, once you have uploaded the app, if you want to make any changes, you’ll have to wait nine days for returns to be approved.

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