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Ad blockers for mobile applications
This article is not a list of the best blockers ads for your smartphone. The aim of the article is to outline a trend that affects the main source of income for many developers of apps.

Blockers on lists or how to avoid advertising on your mobile you can consult lists AndroidTop of iPadizate or planetaRed.

For years, there are ad blockers for mobile applications. Some versions of apps are really implemented solutions in desktop environments such as AdBlock. These solutions are usually browser extensions used in our PC, read Chrome, Firefox or whatever.

In the case of the mobile environment there is little difference that makes everything different. Internet consumption is done from the mobile (and therefore of online advertising we receive) it is almost entirely made from apps, almost 90% against the consumption made from a mobile browser.

It is for this reason that the solutions to block ads in the mobile environment are to make another strategy. These apps can not be very useful if it is adapted browser or browser plug-ins.

Another part of these solutions are apps that run in the background and trying to filter ads that are launched from other apps, which in most cases are games. This brings mechanisms such as the drop in performance or more battery power.

All this world of advertising blockers was revived following the September launch of iOS this fall. One of the novelties presented is to be able to block ads in Safari. Thus they came to my as Peace and others.

Although, as we have seen, Internet use from mobile browsers is not comparatively high in relation to consumption from apps if it is a large volume due to the large and growing number of mobile users.

Big enough to put together a stir among those involved in monetization models based on mobile advertising. The truth is that, according to a report PageFair, blocking ads will cost 22,000 million dollars to the media in 2015. In addition, according to this report, the blockade from mobile devices will increase in the short to medium term, as it only represents 1.6% of the advertising block despite representing 38% of Internet surfing.

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