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Apps and electricity
The union of automation and mobility produces fantastic new services that try to make our life easier and more comfortable.

There are several applications that link the world of apps and electricity; we will see some of them.

There are several apps that integrate a network of devices connected to each other and related to energy consumption, such as sensors, switches, plugs, bulbs, thermostats, etc.

These devices are usually connected to the Internet and remote management is possible through your apps or Web applications.

One such example is momit, offering a connected thermostat that can manage from your smartphone, iOS or Android, to control the temperature of your home.

Another such service is iPdomo, further comprising a plug and a meter connected to the counter network further thermostat. In this case the system is controlled from any browser or device offering the app for Android.

One of the latest mobile applications that I discovered that I liked most and I think is very complete Wattio. Wattio is an app that allows to know and control spending on electricity in your home and thus save some money and help the environment.

Wattio is a service that includes several devices that monitor more efficient energy use in your home. The application for mobile iOS and Android, is connected with these devices and allows for example heating control from your Smartphone.

Another apps striking is illumi also available for iPhone and Android. In this case it is not managing to optimize energy savings but to optimize the enjoyment of personalized light.

This curious app is integrated with one or more LED bulbs connected via Bluetooth. The user can customize their color, their schedule on or off and several more options.

There are many apps with tips on how to save energy at home, such as home savings or energy savings in the home.

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