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Born the search of extracurricular activities for children
Six months after its launch, the platform becomes the first free Spanish academies finder and activity center outside school hours for the smallest of the house.

The website created by Cristina Garcia “was created with the aim of facilitating parents seeking extra activities near home, speeding up the tracing and helping to reconcile work and family,” he said in a statement.

The search engine has several filters that parents can choose the type of activity they wish (ballet, jazz, futol, languages, piano, etc.), can also choose the location and the neighborhood where they want their children to be targeted and Finally you can filter age to hit in the search.

Automatically deploys the web academies registered with the search criteria entered in the relevant fields. 

“So far we became parents crazy and trying to find the most appropriate centers for our children and closest to the school, to the family home or grandparents after school academies,” said Cristina Garcia.

Since the page itself, parents can access tabs of the academies and contact them by phone. The platform sharing tabs centers with other parents via e-mail.

In six months of operation, 500 schools stored on your network and hopes that by the end of 2016, the number of registered centers reaches 2,500.

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