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Highlighting the value of your app this summer
We know that the summer is the perfect time for tasks that you always leave for lack of time. Take the opportunity to work your App Sore Optimization or ASO, including these three recommendations:

1. Pay attention to screeshots

The screeshots are the best way to mark the expectations of users and highlighting the most important features of your app in the most visual way possible. Enjoy these screenshots to include text that defines why those features will improve the user experience.

2. Encourage your users to rate your app in the Marketplace

Summer is the perfect time for good segmentes users take advantage of your app and to send a message push to assess your application. Users at this time will be less stressed and can spare a few minutes.

3. Stresses the keywords in the description

You have 25 characters in the description of your app that you use to attract potential users and capture their attention. Think about it, it is important that you find and you wake your interest. No need to be the best Copy the world, but the most efficient.

These three tips are just a way to push a little ASO your App. But remember, just like the SEO, the ASO is something you must perform continuously.

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