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Technologies that will be the core business for 2016
In the business sector, innovation will be essential for success. Consumers are increasingly easy to buy through channels and websites that facilitate decision-making and purchasing. Many of the companies have not really adapted to this reality because of the weight he still has on the business for the traditional channel.

However, they know that if they opt for the new channels, it can happen to settle its competitors in that niche. In this sense, e-commerce and adaptation projects digitization will be a constant, according to the study by Setesca.

They are also become important management tools based on geographic control of assets and people. The model change urges companies to make big changes in their logistic models. The emergence of advanced logistics service companies, which are responsible for the full outsourcing of the solution is forcing companies to adapt their processes to the new reality.

This is being done either by outsourcing their services or enhancing their own to reach new customers anywhere. In this sense, we are implementing control tools of geographic assets (type e-beacons) and control projects as a service process.

There is a higher interconnection and Internet of Things is encompassing all technological devices. It is now possible to know the behavior patterns through the data collected. The advent of inexpensive sensors and implementation of standardized control systems and interaction with people is an explosion that is already occurring by 2016.

At the same time there is a greater interconnection of any product to consumers through smartphone. Likewise, it provides manufacturers trend data uses your devices by region, country, and other parameters, which is a valuable source of information behavior. This information is used in turn to enrich the user experience and simplify its relationship with the supplier.

This hyper, will also allow new opportunities to offer new and improved services, as well as other possibilities such as mobile payment through any product or service.

Marketing fits the consumer through personalized marketing. The mobile phone and personal devices, facilitate trade promotions. In this area, such as facial recognition technology or own e-beacons, will help in identifying the user to interact with it.

Finally, 3.0 factory adopt increasingly robotization. Thanks to the steady decline in price and easy adoption of such solutions will simplify maintenance and increase in quality thanks to maintenance systems for augmented reality.

These systems allow the simplification of processes and simplification of maintenance outsourcing. In addition, remote viewing solutions through smart glasses substantially reduce maintenance costs and infrastructure maintenance shifts.

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