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The 5 apps that more battery, RAM and consume data, as AVG | media spec blog

The 5 apps that more battery, RAM and consume data, as AVG
You know what applications consume more data, more RAM and battery on your Android device? You might be interested to know this interesting report released by AVG.

Czech online security company AVG has recently published an interesting report on what most battery applications, data and consume RAM on mobile devices are. This report is the result of a thorough analysis performed during the last quarter of last year from hundreds of Android applications, from which the supplier of security solutions has been able to determine the impact of different apps on the phone performance.

We know that besides the backlight and data connections, the performance of the devices depend on the amount of resources they consume the apps installed on the terminal and run in the background. Obviously not all equally affect performance and analyzed after hundreds of applications, it has been possible to establish a ranking of the most detrimental to the performance of Android phones based on the following categories apps.

The 5 apps that more battery, RAM and consume data, as AVG
In the category of apps more battery consumption running in the background have native applications Samsung Updates Security Policy and Beaming Service , which account for first and second place on the list, followed by the app of Facebook, the application of GPS Waze and Vault-Hide SMS Pics & Videos , staking the top 5 of the list. Similarly, the five most downloaded apps that we use the phone while the Samsung application are WatchON first, followed by the app ads Free Classifields OLX, Telstra, Spotify Music and implementation of Amazon.

From the point of view of performance or RAM , no surprise that the app Facebook again leading the ranking of the apps that consume more resources, followed by applications like Spotify Music, Instagram , Path and app of Amazon . In the same vein, the report also analyzes the five most applications cache required to make copies of files or data so that the system can operate with them on a faster and more logical. Among the top five highlights Tango, Daily Mail, Facebook, Spotify Music and LINE Camera.

Another aspect analyzed by AVG in your report is the data consumption. In this respect it is assumed that my multimedia and social networks monopolize the top of this category with Daily Mail in the lead, followed by Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify Music.

The 3D games also ranks high in this study, clearly showing that they are consuming more data and battery, and therefore the hardest on the device performance.

However, the report includes a list of applications which, judging by the results from the study, the more harm the performance of our terminal from a general point of view. Facebook, Spotify Music, Instagram, Path, Amazon Android, Samsung WatchOn, BlackBerry Messenger, Line, Ball Pool, and finally, Daily Mail Online, are the 10 applications that worst affect the performance of the phone.

An interesting to reconsider applications that have usually installed in our data Android phone and appreciate any less harmful to the alternative terminal performance. Similarly, AVG recommends deleting regularly the cached data, turn off unnecessary notifications of applications installed, disable location applications such as GPS when not needed, to limit as far as possible the use of data when you do not own Wifi, reduce screen brightness or disable connectivity features WiFi, Bluetooth or NFC. These are some simple tips that will help us improve terminal performance and reduce battery consumption and data.

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