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The new mobile technologies 2016
In order to make more and more intuitive mobile is one of the main objectives of handset manufacturers, which is why more and more new technologies are added to these devices, which have become indispensable in our lives.

In Weplan we are always aware of what happens in the telecommunications industry, so we wanted to share with you the news that await us next year, which incidentally, is just around the corner.

ForceTouch Technology: Mobile detect the force with which the screen is pressed and pressure according to each manufacturer to deploy a range of custom options. And although currently only the operating system Apple has, at the beginning of 2016 Android will also feature this new technology.

The new mobile technologies 2016
Mobile Payments: The major manufacturers of smartphones in the world are betting increasingly technological society, which justifies, as these major precursors of mobile payments.

Thanks to technology NFC seeking people no longer use the wallet, but have all debit and credit cards on the phones. What is the objective? Make mobile more useful and therefore more needy.

Chats with pictures: This year there are many applications that seek to displace WhatsApp, some companies like Yahoo are committed chats with images, your new application, LiveText, let’s chat and simultaneously see the face of the person with whom you write to see their expression and environment.

Messages smell: Although not yet spread worldwide, is increasingly common to add a mobile gadget that emits smells, messages to a multi-sensory experience.

Relations Business Personal: Mobile technology gives the opportunity for businesses to create individual customer relationships through apps like Cheerfy. Restaurants and hotels, for example, can now identify the customer who has entered his establishment and thus offer exclusive discounts, knowing in advance what will make or just treat it by name.

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