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DSP stands for demand-side platform. It is a system that facilitates the purchase and management of multiple ad exchange accounts through a single interface. It is through this interface that real-time bidding occurs. Marketers are able to manage their bids and the prices they are willing to pay by using this interface. Below area few ways DSP online advertising benefits people interested in purchasing digital advertisement inventories.

Streamlines the Management Tools that Make RTBs Easier

Dealing with multiple online advertisements or marketing campaigns can be a time-consuming process when you’re working with a different interface for each campaign or ad exchange. Simply logging in and out can take up quite a bit of your time. When you have the real time bidding process down to milliseconds, that time can be costly for your marketing and brand-building efforts.

DSPs save that time which can result in you making much more money for you’re the time you work on your marketing campaigns.

Provides Greater Control Over Ads and Audience

The more control you have over your ads, the better results you’re likely to have. Faster control, is even better in a world were seconds do matter. Marketing on the World Wide Web requires fast action and DSPs facilitate that fast action – even when making adjustments, refining audience definitions, or making changes to the ads you create.

Facilitates Faster Adjustments

When changes need to be made, faster is better. Because you’re dealing with real time bids you’re able to conduct testing and monitor results in real time too. This means you can learn from your mistakes and make adjustments to your advertising efforts to correct them as you go.

Working with an online marketing firm that has a great deal of experience with split testing, monitoring results, and making changes during carefully planned marketing campaigns gives you the best of both worlds. You’re able to take advantage of their understanding of how marketing works on the World Wide Web’s many platforms (mobile, social media, the web in general, and through videos). This means that you can learn from the benefit of their previous mistakes, education, and experiences.

This helps you when creating a strategy for sales and branding as well as when making adjustments to the plans you have in place. A truly successful Internet marketing firm will help you realize new sales rather than simply gaining you new exposure. Advertising via DSP only hastens the process of bringing in those new sales.

Some people have been critical of DSPs claiming they’ll replace humans in the advertising process. The truth is that humans will always be needed because humans are more intuitive than computers could ever be and trends for Internet marketing are constantly evolving.

Others, however, claim that DSPs are simply replacing the ad networks of old and beginning to offer prepackaged products at premium prices. That’s why it’s wise to work with those that facilitate real time bidding instead of pre-packaged advertising products. Working with a trusted marketing firm, though, can help you navigate the tricky waters and find a DSP that will be in your best interest. This symbiotic relationship can serve to increase your sales even more.

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