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Why should you create a WiFi network to guests in your home
Create a guest WiFi has the advantage of increasing network security and maintain control over access.

When someone comes to visit at home and want to connect to WiFi normally plays look under the router and give or take a photo of a password extensive. Write the usual mix alphanumeric characters dressed with abstract consume their time and effort.

It is not a comfortable situation, or for those who want to access the network or for anyone who leaves his password to another, albeit confidence. One solution to this nuisance, which could result in a risk of security-is to create a WiFi network for guests.

And it is that the passwords you use are not normally easy to remember but just the opposite. However, in a guest WiFi network you can set an easier key , more apt to be remembered and, above all, easier to introduce a device.

Why should you create a WiFi network to guests in your home
This does not have to give your router password. Needless to say, we have people who come to our house is trusted, but there is a risk that someone penetrates your device , where you find stored our password. And with a WiFi for guests we can get a second identity and use it to hide the main network. Thus in the event of unauthorized access attempts, these will occur in the guest network.

Security therefore is a reason to establish a WiFi for guests, but not the only one. In doing so, some routers allow you to configure options for those who connect to the second network without access to all of our teams. It is normal that someone wants to browse or even make a software update. However, you need not access the printer or other devices connected to the network.

A WiFi guest has to serve as a doorway to the Internet, but not for file sharing and access local resources. The subnet also connected to this device ensures that if our guest has a virus, this will not spread throughout our network. Likewise, if we suspect that one of our teams is infected or have questions about a USB, try first on the secondary WiFi is a good choice. Also it can be used to download content unreliable.

In offices it is even more convenient to use a Guest network. The amount of private information that is in the shared folders locally is reason enough to devote the necessary time to configure it.

There veto routers that allow access to this content, but not others. In this case two other routers will be needed to configure access to two separate networks.

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