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Windows 10 tools that will keep functioning as newly installed
Computers need maintenance with some frequency, and if not performed, their performance will tend to gradually go down without stopping.

It is very likely that over time start to notice that your computer is lent or hang more frequently, or just does not work half as well that when you lit for the first time. While this usually happens in almost all operating systems, it is much more common in Windows.

While in the latest version: Windows 8 offers a feature to leave the computer as a new erasing almost everything and leaving it in its original state if the user feels very slow.

Windows 10 tools that will keep functioning as newly installed
At this stage of technological landscape one would expect knew grooming and computers themselves, but they do not. If you’re using Windows you will notice such problems more frequently, and the reasons are several: they begin to accumulate temporary files, the hard drive is fragmented, the record is disordered, startup programs are added without your permission, etc.

All problems are solvable, but they require user attention, or else you end up crawling machine.

There are many applications created to handle all these problems, and perform preventive maintenance. Using them saves you from having to reinstall the entire operating system, and help you to keep Windows almost as if you had just installed.


CCleaner is a fabulous tool to “clean up” the system. You can free hard disk space by removing everything that is not necessary, deleting temporary files every browser you use, emptying the Windows Recycle Bin, eliminating dead shortcuts, and also some traces left by third party applications. CCleaner can also clean the Windows registry. All with the goal of keeping your flawless system.


Some of the applications you install add options in the context menu of Windows Explorer, the one that appears when you right-click on an icon. Some of these lines are very upset and are never used for nothing, and also add more information to the Windows registry that’s not necessary. To remove them you can use ShellMenuView, a lightweight, free and easy to use utility that lets you remove them when you want with a few clicks.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro

Advance Uninstaller Pro is a free application used to uninstall programs in Windows, but with the addition that completely clean all entries that registration applications. Furthermore the app can monitor facilities, clean Windows Registry, remove shortcuts in the start menu, manage installed fonts and what happens in the Control Panel, clean your hard drive of duplicate and temporary files, remove it you want without trace that they ever existed, and defragment your hard drive.


MORE Remo is the perfect application for a person who does not know much about maintaining a computer. It is very simple to use and its design helps achieve with few clicks arrange everything you need.

Just you start using notice that will make an automatic review of what is happening on your computer and tell you what you have to repair, allowing clean junk files, remove the errors that have in the registry, optimize memory, remove duplicate files, between other things.

Tiny Deduplicator

If you want to free up space on your hard drive you can use many applications, and it is Tiny Deduplicator. This scans all files you have stored on your hard drive, looking for duplicates so you can delete them, whether automatically or asking before doing so.

Privacy Eraser

The objective of Privacy Eraser is to keep Windows very clean. You can delete generated by surfing the Internet files, delete files permanently, and review the hard disk hidden data that is just taking up space without reason. You can also manage cookies, and programs at the start of the operating system.

Spyware Search & Destroy

Although Spyware Search & Destroy is free, it is the best tools available to check if your operating system has malware and fix the problem right away without much work. It also includes a tool for immunization with a very large data base that protects against many threats.

Tuneup utilities

Among the better known to make Windows programs maintenance is TuneUp Utilities . It has always been very popular because it is very complete, includes all kinds of options for cleaning, optimization, and customization of the operating system in general. Every year a new version with new features. It is to pay, but you have 15 days to try it before, if you wish.


SlimCleaner can be used to completely uninstall any program, clean registry, find duplicate files, scan your hard disk, upgrade the operating system, etc., and also has social features that allow you to compare all the information received from the user community, which used to improve the optimization of systems, analyzing which files should be kept, what should be deleted, and what is needed to keep the system running at point.


WinUtilities has everything you need to maintain your computer, be it cleaning, defragmentation, optimization of memory usage, etc. Even in one click. You can program all tasks anytime, and the program at the end off the computer.

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