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Just Cause is one of the few series of games that has made “unrealistic physics” its feature since in terms of physics it can only compete with Goat Simulator. Still, it is rather an exception to the rule because a good physics engine means a lot for gamers and that is why we have so many Xbox One games that strive on realism. Therefore, today, in order to celebrate the release of Just Cause 3 we have collected six games with the most digestible physics.

Red Faction: Armageddon / 2011

As in Just Cause, here you can destroy almost everything. The game uses a Havok physics engine, which allows you to interact with almost all objects of the world and this allows you to crush objects into small pieces.

Far Cry 4 / 2014

In addition to an incredible authentic environment and a riveting story, the game has a splendid physics. Of course, sometimes there are absolutely crazy bugs, but in general the capabilities of the Dunia Engine 2 engine were embodied in the game to the fullest.

Kerbal Space Program / 2015

Because here we are talking about a space program, the developers had to work hard and make the most of the PhysX software engine, which is used as a part of Unity 3D. Newtonian physics is quite realistic, although the engine does not allow to take into account the gravity of several celestial bodies. The creators had to make many compromises to improve the stability and the speed of simulation.

Crysis 3 / 2013

The game uses its own engine called Crytek – CryEngine3 is the second game running on this engine. The experts have transferred some of the DirectX 11 features on console. Based on the capabilities built into Xbox 360, they were able to emulate some of the possibilities inherent in DX11 such as Parallax Occlusion Mapping.

Battlefield 4 / 2013

The upgraded engine called Frostbite 3 has allowed to significantly improve the graphic components of the fourth part: characters’ faces look more realistic, the lighting is amazing, the level of destruction of the environment is higher than in the last game of the series, the water and more complex algorithms implemented in the physical engine, bring Battlefield onto an photorealistic level. However, the elegant graphics has not saved the game’s reputation since Battlefield 4 also features a pathetic story and a weak single-player campaign.

Portal 2 / 2011

In addition to the specificity of the portals that have been the basis for the storyline of the game, a series of different types of fluids that pass through numerous pipes of Aperture Science complex has become a new element of the gameplay. Being poured into some test chambers, the fluids can affect the player as well as various objects and interact with them.

So here is our list of the most realistic games the feature great physics as well as good graphics. In addition, if you want to read more about games, we highly recommend you check out the Kijiji infographic on video games to be up to date.

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