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Given the Apps on all mobile platforms currently there are about 2 million apps on the market. With this range of offers available it is needed more than ever to plan the creation, programming, publishing and promoting an app to leave his mark on the market.

Applications with small budgets are becoming more difficult day to achieve a high success, it is now more important than ever to create quality applications.

For the successful application designed to be functional, original, innovative, multi-platform and should attract enough users to make it viral.

This is my advice to decide how and when to create your mobile app to succeed:

Starting point: ask yourself why and how you want to be present in this medium when you have clear moves to the next point.

Although the calculated effort of time and budget you can afford.

Prepare thoroughly a new product, a game, an information spread in this way or to offer a new service to users.
Focus on user needs and make a simple app, nice, clear, visual, fluid, intuitive, error and choose very well what you put into it.

Think about solving a problem. A successful app can arise from the needs that arise in the daily life of each job or life itself.

Think about the user: where will physically when you use and when the target audience for your app is available.
Think of mobility: your new app should seize the main features of smartphones to improve the user experience: internet access, GPS positioning, camera motion control, etc.
Creates a high quality professional app. Looking for a company with great experience in programming apps you the design in the best way possible.
Do not limit your app to an operating system: develop versions of your app for the major mobile platforms, in this order: iOS, Android, Windows, RIM Blackberry OS, Firefox OS and also develops mobile web to provide a generic service without app installed.

Take advantage of technologies that facilitate the implementation of your system such as Cloud Computing to lower the cost of your development and facilitate testing.

Interact with users: Capture data with the app, send push messages, watch user.

Update the information in the app frequently, but do not change too often the application.

Promote the app:

Use social networks to spread and recommend your new app in order to reach a very large potential market to invest heavily in advertising. You’ll also get so real-time feedback from users and improve your application in the following versions.

Generates expectation: if you want to ensure social success of your app, very well prepared with a pre-launch campaign on social networks to generate interest in the public to whom it is addressed.

Create a website to promote your app and make it reaches all media: magazines, blogs, forums, etc to promote it.
Check out our infographic with 7 tips for mobile marketing Apps.
Define what will consider success for your App:
Number of downloads and number of expected interactions,
MAU (No. active users / month), DAU (Active Members / day)
ARPU (average revenue / user) ARPPU (average revenue / user fee).

Test fails, correct, improve, retries. To do this, you have to interact with users and measuring results!

Finally, I summarize three additional recommendations to create mobile applications for major brands:

Brands need to redesign the whole digital marketing strategy around mobile marketing and have a mobile application and mobile web as a primary point of contact with users.

Applications can be harnessed to improve the shopping experience for users and brand image.

Each brand must find their own way to connect with consumers, but at the present time must take to do so through mobile applications.

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