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As you know, from Yeeply help apps developers throughout the process of finding projects that fit my skills and knowledge. Besides advising both sides throughout the process of developing mobile apps, mediating communication between the two parties and reducing risks that are incurred by outsourcing projects developing my mobile.

But the process of developing mobile apps, when we refer to the programming itself is a path running through the apps developers themselves. Therefore, to be successful and not make silly mistakes in the development of mobile apps we want to give some tips to improve the whole process and succeed in developing mobile apps.

1. Know the market development of mobile apps

Most important for a professional development of mobile apps is to know what is happening in their environment.

Whether a development company with a great team or a freelance developer, is key to know the area of development of mobile apps to keep up, be competitive and offer an updated and innovative product. Falling behind in terms of technology, design and mobile marketing can be fatal and could be our grave as professionals.

Yes, also in mobile marketing and design must be today. Although you only have commissioned the development of mobile apps, it is advisable to learn a little about trends in other disciplines related to the field of mobile apps. It may be enough to keep track of what has been done in a matter of developing mobile apps of success similar to their own.

This means that if you’re a developer Android it is best to know the field of development of mobile apps for Android in full. You will have to know that trends in designing apps are coming this 2015, what kinds of designs work well, how to program the app to optimize it for mobile marketing strategies and even start developing mobile apps in mind the type of business model is the application for programming and design accordingly.

2. Watch for trends in design but … Differentiate!

Exactly that. You have to be aware of what goes in my design. Lately they are reunited usable intuitive designs that mix designs skeumorfismo. They face the flat design, well known and familiar among commercial development of mobile apps, which currently still going strong among mobile applications.

But most important is that, although they can be inspired by designs of success, you have to differentiate yourself. Stand out! In this way get the user to see your app as an innovative, different, it brings something else.

3. Safety of the most valued in developing mobile apps

We have very specific information on how to proceed on security issues in companies and within developing mobile apps. And the truth is that it is not given the importance, causing gaps in security applications.

A study by IBM – embodied in this infographic – indicates that 50% of companies do not spend anything budget to security in mobile applications. Meanwhile, 40% of companies do not check your app code looking for security vulnerabilities.

While on average, and in general, companies do not review or half creating apps, and 33% never check the safety and errors that occur. This means that 1,000 million personal data records were exposed to cyber attacks only in 2014.

That’s why as much as developers or as entrepreneurs must take special care to safety and establish a correct development of mobile apps so that these are not likely to be hacked and information of our customers or users stolen. This is also one of the points most valued by users of mobile apps.

The development of mobile apps will always be better than an app that can be compromised. If an app is private, users should rest easy, knowing that your data and your private information is in good hands.

4. Testing Eliminates errors!

Before delivering any programming work must test work. No matter if it’s a website, a computer program or application. Being a good application developer happens to deliver a perfect job That is one of the keys to success for the developer.

We, as experts in developing mobile apps, we recommend you not enough that your testees your own application. It has another developer for the testee, another professional opinion to give you feedback about developing mobile apps.

It also endeavors to have an opinion of someone outside the world of app development, which is an average user to obtain an unconditional work to your opinion. Is it usable? Are there mistakes? Only then will the new work should the customer.

5. Provides ongoing support

A good way to get beautifully with your client is offering ongoing support to this timely work. That is, offer you going to keep running the app you’ve created, along time. Not everything is the development of mobile apps.

In fact, customers appreciate very much to get involved in the project. And besides, you will greatly benefit. You have a few fixed income maintenance and if they’ve done a good job only have to make small changes over time. It is an offer that will come in handy for retaining customers and generate a good image for other potential customers.

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