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If you are a big Apple fan, the chances are you have an old iPod, iPhone or iPad sitting in the back of a drawer. Here are a few ideas to help you to put them to use.

A dedicated kitchen device

For those who love spending time cooking an old iPad is the perfect place to store recipes. When you want to cook something new just open the recipe or YouTube video up on your tablet, and follow along. The fact that it is an old device means that getting it wet or dirty is not a big issue.

A handy universal remote control

If you are sick of trying to find the right remote turning an old iPhone into a universal remote is a great idea.

Turn into a security camera

An old iPad or iPhone can easily be turned into a video surveillance system. There are several free apps you can download, and the stand or bracket you need to mount the phone or tablet is not expensive.

A dedicated music centre

If you own an old iPod, turn it into a dedicated music player. That way you can leave it in your car or buy a strap and take it out jogging with you. The fact it is an old device means it does not really matter if it gets drop or lost.

Getting old Apple devices repaired is easy

If you are looking for a high quality, yet affordable Apple fix click the link. Doing so will take you through to the website of an excellent repair firm. Using the mail allows this company to offer their service to everyone regardless of where they live. The fact that this firm carries out so many repairs means that their prices are very competitive, which makes it cheap and easy for you to repurpose your old Apple devices.

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