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Huawei Mate 8

Huawei presented in Spain the new version of its flagship terminal large. For many a phablet -for me it’s just a big smartphone without further specifically feature the Huawei Mate 8: a thin terminal, and reduced metal frames.

Spiritual growth “Mate” range is enormous, in just two years has become the largest reference terminal with a complete job chips, software and design.

A look at software

Incorporates EMUI 4, the customized version of Android M Huawei. For those who are unknown, it is a compendium of EMUI additions and changes based version of Android that aims to present the user with a simple, colorful interface.

Removes the list of applications will have application-just ordered our main pitcher, the IOSCO style modifies the configuration menus and provides a list of utility applications made by Huawei for the Mate eight more useful from the outset.

To handle such a large smartphone with one hand Huawei offers two simple options: sliding gesture on the software keypad will the smaller screen, reducing scale to an approximate size of 5″. It can also be configured so that only the keyboard is reduced in size and standing on the side where we have the thumb. Basic options for all accessibility.

It also unifies, or attempts to unify the design and shape of the icons of our applications, filling in the gaps and transparencies to create a more homogeneous feel, although the result can be improved.

The good thing about being based on Android M is, in addition to countless improvements that fingerprints are now handled by the operating system itself. Especially useful for tight integration of payment methods and future.

The other strong point is the granularity of permissions. Now every time we install an application which is adaptada- we will request permission as we use specific parts, not all at once at the facility.

One of the most interesting things in EMUI is the role of “Beauty” in selfies. It will automatically try to improve your appearance a bit so you have better than ever: smooth skin, remove any loose hair and brightens teeth. It’s more a curiosity than anything else, though.

There are multi-window mode, but is limited to very few applications, especially the characteristics of Huawei. Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp Chrome or may not be activated in this case, losing much of the appeal of this functionality. – To activate, simply press and hold the menu button in an application.

In the market over a year ago, the Huawei Mate 7 Huawei got himself to the battle for the giant terminal. The new Mate 8 has a size much like staying at 157.1 x 80.6 x 7.9 mm to accommodate them 6 inches screen, also in 185 g s.

Differentiate at sight a Mate 7 of a Mate 8 front is complicated, although the position of the cameras has changed.

Better change is the inclusion of Gorilla Glass 4 at Huawei Mate 8. The extra resistance will be noticed over the months sharing pocket with keys, and gradually be silly shots.

The 6 “do not panic, is a big phone but not much more than an iPhone 6 / 6s Plus, a little wider, though. It maintains a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which give a more than sufficient 368 dots per inch. The LCD screen is not as bright as other -492 Maximo nits present in the high-end market, but sufficient.

To keep the frames and small size, Huawei remains committed to have the fingerprint reader on the back, it is often helpful, but it is also a complete nuisance. Especially when the terminal is located on a stand and we turn quickly, for example in the car. To “fix” recommend trying to set some smart-lock option that does not require unlock with fingerprint during these occasions.

With 4000mAh you have autonomy while. There are extravagant or even 6000 mAh 10,000 including some terminals, but make it nearly impossible for you to finish the day with the phone off. If your application is light, you get over the two days without any hesitation. As is customary in high-end phones, the battery is not replaceable.

It comes with fast charging, so do not be alarmed by eternal load times if you need to have loaded quickly, you’ll have a ~ 40% of the charged battery in just 30-40 minutes. As a note, the Huawei Mate 8 uses microUSB 2.0, no 3.0 or Type-C.

The very changes you’ve made on Android Huawei, are a bit aggressive in terms of battery management. When you have an application consuming too much energy -usually background in my two weeks of use they have been Telegram and Facebook have a notification will appear asking if you want to close it. E hese options are configurable in the settings if you want an automatic method or something more indulgent.

We 3- and 4 GB of RAM, both incorporate the mobile application processor Kirin 950 – made by Huawei itself – which is far more powerful than the 925 Kirin last year, but do not expect a similar performance at a Snapdragon 820.

Make no mistake, the Huawei Mate 8 flies. It is probably the fastest Android terminal market, even for a short period of time. I could not notice the phone tripping over any application, multitasking is invoked instantaneously.

RAM, as the battery is managed aggressively by software. It will try to close quickly detect not going to use. A very pro-active resources available to the management terminal not wait want to open an application to free the memory. This management will make us open more times an application from scratch instead from memory, but the CPU is so fast it did not worry us much.

As usual, 3 GB version comes with 32 GB of storage, while the 4GB is coupled with 64 GB of storage. – Note: The version I tested is 3 GB. The storage can be easily expanded with a microSD card that shares tray with the nano SIM card, so we have the best of both worlds at once.

It incorporates a 16-megapixel sensor (f / 2.0) with dual-tone flash and optical image stabilizer. The main improvement comes in the video portion, finally be able to record in slow motion. 120fps at 720p and 60fps at 1080p. To record in 4K have to stay with traditional 30 fps. The front features an 8-megapixel camera, enough for most of our needs.

Good photography cameras Huawei Mate 8, although does not get into the top of best cameras. Although not excellent cameras, if very good rate for the day.

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