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Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 | media spec blog

Samsung Galaxy

Last year Samsung surprised bringing metal to your mobile header, the Galaxy S6 and doubly when they also created the range A, which created a midrange metal finishes. Samsung copied part of its Asian competitors manual: mid-range with good finishes at reasonable prices. The party did not copy Samsung: the adjusted price.

This year, with the Samsung A5 2016 There will be A3, A5, A7, A8 and A9, according to the Korean rumors- repeats the move. With the new year, new much improved specifications.

Specifications are close to other smartphones we’ve tested recently as the OnePlus X, or other more popular in Asia as the Xiaomi Mi 4c or Mi 4i. Follow without Android M , which is only understood if Samsung has decided to arrive before restatement-and their high ranges is in some local versions of E6- to focus their efforts, but if there is someone I always expect the maximum should be Samsung.

There should be no delay in this, and a mobile January 2016 should come with Android M. We are 4 months after submission of Android in the Google IO N San Francisco, what less? Console ourselves thinking to come, it will end coming. Will there Android M to Galaxy A5 2016? That’s a doubtful issue, and have a resolution in 2017.

Look, touch and feel the Galaxy A5 this year is to look, touch and feel the future Galaxy S7. It is clear that Samsung has a trace continuity in the design, and that the next flagship drink both the range A, as the range A he has drunk from the S. in a pure feedback cycle: what works, works.

And the design of the Galaxy since last year’s top level. Although the next Galaxy next month will be lighter and thinner, this phone feels more comfortable in the pocket. They are 5.2 “, so it depends on your taste. Maybe worth your while then opt for the Galaxy A3, 2016, which comes with a screen of 4.7”.

Frames are concise and do not become large or small, metal and glass convey a great feeling in his hand. He left behind for two weeks the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus to test the Galaxy A5 2016 and I have not felt at any time that you were using a “worst device” at least as far as design is concerned.

Look, touch and feel the Galaxy A5 this year is to look, touch and feel the future Galaxy S7

The screen is probably the best of the device. It is 1920 x 1080 resolution, and the panel 5.2 “quality is more than enough , being just above the 420 dots per inch-a good leap in quality compared with 5” 720p last year. Clean black and white very bright when set to high, with ~ 600 nits compared to ~ 400 the previous model. In Spanish: looks great on the street.

As for performance, it is stable within two weeks of intensive use I have given. TouchWiz on Android 5.1.1 is a mature system, and the chipset is a new-old friend, so there were no surprises: soft and smooth performance.

Responsible for granting this performance are, depending on the model you buy, a Snapdragon 615 or Exynos 7580, both very similar in end result , added to the 2 GB of RAM that incorporate both versions. The midrange finally leaves behind the “miserable giga” that ballasted some models.

Web browsing, instant messaging, email messaging, simple games … all good, although the RAM still note with many tabs open browser , perhaps even more than other models without TouchWiz with the same amount of memory.

It is true that in other models of Galaxy, over the months, we have noticed some performance degradation. If it happens, sadly the best solution is to reset the settings and leave as new. Samsung applications are the same as ever, and there will emphasize now not to repeat any. You can read more at the end of the review of the Galaxy S6.

One point that I always find interesting is the speaker. Often it goes unnoticed by many, but it’s really key to have a powerful speaker. Unfortunately there is nothing surprising, but nothing alarmingly awful, it just works.

I’d rather hear speakers that much higher when necessary, but the Galaxy A5 will lure you off the hook.

Let’s talk about the cameras, because although they are not really anything special, they are still good cameras as we have used Samsung. Do not expect similar to those of a Galaxy S6 cameras, but at first glance I have seen comparable to the Galaxy S4, S5 a bit too.

Good dynamic range photos , but there is no option to have automatic berth HDR, which many find useful when you just want to shoot a couple of quick things. For the more “hands” it comes with the typical professional / manual mode that lets you adjust the values at the time of shooting.

As for depth of field, you’ll be very much closer to objects when you want to take a picture nearby. You are welcome at these times we want to have a very specific detail about something.

The camera, both in video and photography, behaves within the acceptable limits, with the biggest problem being the drop in resolution compared to the high end. No video 4K, and it shows both down to 12 megapixels and less detail captured generally by the sensor.

Another point where we notice that it is a mid-range is that it takes a little longer to take pictures. It’s not a machine gun as the S6 or iPhone, the Galaxy A5 processor takes time to work the image you have taken.

Inside the Galaxy A5 2016

Unlike the S range, the range A is a range of options, and comes with micro SD card reader built-in, as is customary, in a double deck that supports Nanosim. Go just below the power button. While the volume buttons are mounted on the left side.

The SD card is really important, because it comes with only 16 GB of storage. Of which are about 10-12 GB user available, depending on where it is purchased, between operators or free.

The battery is one of the best points of this terminal. And with fast charging it is a pleasure

A battery level, the 2900 mAh this year are more than welcome and my two weeks of use have made exceptionally well endure daily use. Fast charging works fantastically and you can have the mobile loaded before you use enteres -always the official charger or equivalently.

Comes with NFC and MST, magnetic secure transmission, Samsung’s own technology that emulates the magnetic cards and if Samsung Pay is present in your country, or when ste- allow you to make payments via an application at any post world that has a magnetic card reader. Samsung maximum bet on this technology, you could place a market leader if expansion and negotiation with banks and card makers is fast.

It does not have USB 3.0, but the micro USB support including USB On-the-Go to quickly connect accessories such as a keyboard, a small USB storage or a microphone. It is always useful to have, as well as the FM antenna that came in, if we run out of music to listen to, or without “data connection” to spend, can use the phone to entertain with traditional radio.

Wi-Fi is also no ‘ac’ but good. Is a mid-range with a modem / processor ditto so I understood. It comes with Bluetooth 4.1 and ANT Plus support for the protocol, so that all our wearables consume less battery.

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