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iPad Air's Style

Powerful but not power hungry, the iPad’s Air 2 is a remarkable device that doesn’t drain batteries. Its A8 64-bit processor with M8 motion coprocessor runs your favorite apps, its crystal clear camera, and so many more functions while promising 10 full hours of battery life. The iPad Air 2 is the latest and greatest in Apple’s line, so why would you wrap it anything but the best protection?

Unfortunately, so many of your fellow Air 2 owners do just that by buying a hefty plastic case to imprison their iPad. Plenty of others choose silicone based coverings that attract dirt and grime to your precious device. But a growing number of iPad owners—alongside the owners of smartphones, iPhones, and electronics of every kind—are turning to 3M vinyl skins to protect their Air.

Vinyl provides unprecedented coverage without the bulk or grime of its competitors. iPad skins are perfected until they match the Air millimetre for millimetre, so every curve, bezel, and button is accommodated for, and they grip to your device without the use of clasps or messy glues. As a result, it creates a slim, form fitting cover that leaves nothing but the screen exposed.

The iPad’s silhouette isn’t the only thing maintained when you wrap up your Air 2 in a skin. Like its namesake, an iPad skin works like our own. The thin and flexible material creates a barrier between the outside world and the more important internal parts of the iPad. When attached, the Air skin will absorb the damage caused by dangerous sharp edges instead of the delicate aluminum body, leaving the iPad’s casing intact.

Meanwhile, the texture of the skin is one that your hand naturally wants to hold onto. It provides a far better grip than Apple’s aluminum. This material is also water-resistant, so small spills will bead up until you can wipe them away.

Benefits like fit, protection, and grip must come at a cost, right? Say, something like limited supply, inflated price, or ugly designs. Wrong! You don’t have to pay exorbitant prices to get what you want in a stylish package. When you protect your iPad Air 2 with dbrand skins you can create a customized cover in any number of unique colors, textures, and combination thereof. No matter what you choose, you won’t ever pay more than $25 before taxes and shipping. That’s low enough that you could afford more than just one!

Why waste money on a case that does nothing but bloat your Air 2? Get a skin and provide protection that’s in line with its thin, lightweight design.

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