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Have you come across video content on a website in the past and wished that you were able to save it onto your hard drive so that you could watch it later? Most websites don’t give you an option to do that, and while you could conceivably just go back to the website to watch the video again – that will mean that you need to be online in order to watch it.

Another alternative is to ‘save’ the video from the website using less conventional means. Essentially you will need to use Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac to ‘record’ the video while it plays on your screen, and then save that recording afterwards.

Although you may not know how to record screen on Mac there isn’t much cause to worry as Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac will make it a piece of cake. In fact, you can set up the recording by following these steps:

  1. Position and resize the capture frame to encompass the website video that you want to record.
  2. Check that the audio is set to ‘System Audio’.
  3. Click ‘REC’ to start recording at the same time that the video starts to play.
  4. Click ‘Stop’ when the video is done and then ‘Save’ to save it.

Make no mistake, saving videos is really just a glimpse into the potential of Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac. As a comprehensive screen capture and video production software, it has tons of useful tools that you can put to work to improve the videos that you capture – including those that you’ve saved from a website.

With its features you’ll be able to cut and combine segments of video, improve the quality of your videos, include audio tracks as background music or voiceovers, add customizable text, or even place stylish transitions between parts of your video. In this specific case you may want to use it to trim out any unnecessary segments of video that may have been recorded at the start or end of the video in particular.

All said and done Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac will give you the means to save any videos you want from websites, online streaming platforms and more. That is a nice benefit alongside its ability to capture other videos from your screen – so you’ll certainly have quite a lot of options to pursue.

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