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Every business, either big or small, should have the right software that can help in getting things done. There are different concerns in running a business including accounting, human resources and scheduling. Though not all software is created equally, there are programs that are designed to address the every need of any business.


Accounting is one of the most important aspects of running a business and it plays great role in its success. Being knowledgeable about the basics of accounting is not enough; thus, using accounting software helps in getting your books in order. In fact, even CPAs are using accounting tools in carrying out their job efficiently. Some of the accounting software to consider include the following:

  • Quickbooks – This is the most popular accounting tool used by most businesses. It works both online and on desktop. Though you might want to undergo a little training before you can fully use it, it can greatly help you in maintaining your business’ finances.
  • Wave Accounting – It is a cloud-based accounting software that can address complex financial needs. You can also get live support packages to ensure that you’re using the tool correctly.

Human Resources

Addressing the human resources needs isn’t that easy as it encompasses various factors. Fortunately, there are different software that can help businesses in satisfying human resources needs as well as in implementing HR technologies. Using tools can help in putting everything into proper places. You can consider any of the following software:

  • BambooHR – It is a cloud-based HR tool that boasts intuitive design and simple interface, making it perfect for small to large-sized businesses. This is an online program, but it works well with other systems like applicant tracking software or payroll solutions software.
  • Zenefits – This is an all-in-one HR software that can help HR personnel in payroll processing, benefits management, onboarding tools and many others. It automatically runs after initial configuration that significantly reduces the amount of time carrying out the tasks.
  • sumHR – This business software focuses on payroll, leave and attendance functions. It helps for easy access from the spreadsheets and transferring the details into a professional program.


Scheduling of appointments is one of the issues that are commonly experienced by many businesses. Gone were the days when scheduling is done manually through pen and paper. Today, there’s a better way of addressing all the scheduling needs of every business just like the meeting room booking software.

  • Booker – This software is user-friendly particularly in booking for appointments. After installing the program, it is easier to attract customers and eventually build relationships with the customers through the messaging tools.

Aside from those business software cited above, there is also Office Suites, which is a tool comprised of multiple business software. It includes presentation program, a spreadsheet and a word processor. Some suites have additional programs like email clients, databases and drawing software that improves productivity of the employees.

It is overwhelming to look for the right software that can help in running a business. However, with the plethora of companies providing various business software, your company can easily find the one that can answer all your needs.

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