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So you’ve decided that you need to earn a little bit of extra money or it might be that you no longer get the same job satisfaction from your present employment. Maybe you’re a parent that can’t commit to regular work hours, but could potentially work part time from home. By starting your own business online you are able to control your hours and set your own targets in terms of income, giving you the freedom to make time for all of your other commitments as well. To date, there are countless business options from which to choose from, but here are five of the best.

1. Information Marketing

Information is a valuable currency and you can guarantee that if you have information on a certain area, chances are that there is someone online wishing to know more. That being the case then there is profit to be made from your own knowledge. Think about something that you are particularly knowledgeable in. It may be linked to your hobbies and interests or even your career. How could you sell that knowledge to people online? It might be baking, animal care or even lion taming. There really are no limits. It’s just about finding the right medium in which to market your smarts.

2. Affiliate Marketing

One of the easiest businesses to start up. You don’t need a product or even any start-up costs, just a space to advertise. This could be on your own website, or even on your social media pages. The premise is straightforward enough. Companies offer affiliate programs that enable you to link others to their products. If somebody clicks on your link and then buys a product from the site you will earn a commission. Commission rates vary from just a couple of dollars to $200+. This is a great method for topping up your cash flow as it requires very little work once set up. However, with a bit of time you could turn affiliate marketing into a full time business.

3. Online Gambling

Starting your own gambling site requires a lot of preparation but can be incredibly lucrative. You may wish to head down the ‘online casino’ route or specialise in a particular game; Sun Bingo, for example specialise in bingo that is marketed to a very specific demographic. You will need to research a great deal regarding gaming laws in your state/country and it is likely that you will need some kind of gambling license. However, once your business is up and running you could find yourself gaining some sizeable profit.

4. Online Writing

In a world where content is king, a good writer is worth their weight in gold. Companies and individuals are now employing writers for a range of different jobs; from blogs and articles, to reviews and web pages. Pay is varied, but once you have managed to gain a steady stream of clients you can find yourself earning anything from a couple of dollars for a personal niche site to several hundred for a well-known site read by millions.

5. Online Retailing

There are countless online marketplaces where you can sell items for a profit. You can incorporate your own personally made produce or take the traditional ‘buy low sell high’ approach to increase your cash flow. If you can find a demand for a certain item ignored by other sellers, then chances are, you will find yourself earning some serious money.

For many, success doesn’t happen overnight so be prepared for a quiet few months. But with some time, dedication and a lot of patience you can find your income dramatically rising.

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