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Have you always wanted to learn how to sing, but you’re too nervous to try? Perhaps you’ve spent many a morning lingering in the shower belting out your favourite Beatles songs or arias from your favourite operas. Even if you were in choir in school, but the academic approach left you cold, there’s still time and there’s still hope! Not only is singing a great way to express yourself and gain confidence, it’s a great way to engage with your community and socialize.


In many major Canadian cities, there are popular adult choirs who congregate regularly to belt out vocal versions of pop hits and often host public recitals and concerts for the public and for friends and family. If you’re looking for a cool new hobby, toss the video games and knitting needles aside and sign up for professional singing lessons in your area – you’ll be glad that you did.

In this post we’ll explore five reasons why it pays to learn how to croon:

Be a Karaoke Rockstar 

In Toronto, karaoke culture has developed to the point where there are now live bands, such as Good Enough Karaoke, who will back you up as you belt out your favourite Backstreet Boys or Sex Pistols song. In Vancouver and Montreal there are, similarly, tons of karaoke bars and events you can attend to show off your pipes. Often the most fun karaoke bars can be found in Korean neighbourhoods, and if you do a few shots of soju, you’ll be all the more confident when you hit that stage!


Meet People 

Joining a community choir is a fantastic way to meet people. Not only is it a good way to socialize, you’ll also find comfort in contributing your singing voice to a big, harmonious instrument. Adult choirs performing a contemporary program are so popular right now that you may even have the opportunity to perform in different cities with your friends!

Stress Relief 

Our contemporary world is so loud and crazy that you need a release valve to blow off some steam in order to maintain your sanity. Some people turn to drink and drugs and other unhealthy vices for relief, but singing is much healthier. Singing in a group setting is a great way to achieve an emotional release while cultivating an interesting craft.

Write Lyrics/ Start a Band 

Even if you don’t play an instrument, lyricists and singers are often in high demand. If you are prone to writing poetry, then you can work at adding melody to the words you write. Soon enough you’ll have a song! If you know people who play instruments, you could even convince them to back you up and act as creative partners. Alternately, you could learn some covers and books a gig at the local dive bar. Playing for beer saves you money and makes for a fun night!

Sing to Your Children 

If you, like many grownups in Vancouver, spend a lot of time taking care of infants and youngsters and trying to lull your children back to sleep, singing can be a great way to pass the time. Not only will it be soothing for your young children, it will be relaxing for yourself as well!

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