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Surveillance cameras have become a standard feature in many workplaces, but they can still be something of a hot-button issue for employees and management alike.

Many workers may feel that surveillancecameras betray a lack of trust on the part of company leadership, and howeveromnipresent surveillance may be in other areas of modern life, introducingsurveillance systems into the workplace is a delicate process.

But the evidence overwhelmingly shows that it is well worth doing. Not only do surveillance cameras keep property safe,they keep people — and the company as a whole — safe as well. If you want to make your office more productive and secure, here are three ways surveillance cameras can help:

1. Cameras Keep the Office Secure

The number one reason to introduce surveillance cameras into your workplace is that cameras are proven to be useful when it comes to protecting against theft. While theft from external parties is always a possibility that needs to be considered, the majority of workplace theft comes from employees themselves. Having cameras in the workplace is one of the best ways to prevent such crimes.

You can click here for more information about how to manage the actual camera installation process. Given that cameras require a good structured cabling system and lots of wire tracking, hiring a professional installation company like ExcelLinx is the best way to ensure your surveillance system offers optimal performance.


2. Cameras Make Employees and Management Accountable

Cameras aren’t just about security,however: they are also about keeping people safe. In the age of the #Me Too movement, when organizations of all sizes are reckoning with theways that managers in positions of power have used their authority over their employees inappropriately, installing cameras can be a way of showing that management is serious about keeping everyone accountable. 

Having cameras in the workplace have been shown to have a preventative effect: employees and managers who know they are being watched are less likely to behave badly in public spaces, which in turn makes the workplace safer for the most vulnerable members of your team.

3. Cameras Reduce the Threat ofLawsuits

Lawsuits between employers and employees are an ugly reality of the modern business world, and they can have a serious impact on morale, productivity, and the bottom line.

In many cases, disgruntled employees or former employees will launch suits claiming that they were mistreated in one way or another during their time at work. Having an official record of what happened on tape is one of the only sure-fire ways for a company to protect its own reputation in the face of such accusations.

In the twenty-first century, the question of whether or not to introduce surveillance cameras into the office should be a no-brainer for most large and medium-sized companies. By keeping property safe, employees and managers accountable, and protecting against lawsuits, surveillance cameras offer an important service to everyone in the office, regardless of whether they are workers, managers, or owners. Don’t make your company’s security something you put off to some undefined point in the future. Get in touch with professionals like ExcelLinx who handle surveillance camera installation today.

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